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Billy King and The Bad Bad Bad is a band whose band name alone evokes a curiosity that lurks in the mind dangerously. Like an amalgamation of rebellion, acid-laced beach parties, and anti-establishment activism, you can’t help but recall a sensation of déjà vu; connecting each other through familiarity while forging new pathways. These outlaws came from nowhere, like creatures of the night, to indoctrinate you into an era since been forgotten. Once their first chord is struck, these emerging luminaries awaken a spark deep within your soul that will transform and conform your life forever.


Fever Dreamin'

Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad

The debut EP of Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad
Guitar: Cameron Wren
Drums: Marty Chronister
Guitar | Vocals: Will Reynolds

"Billy King & the Bad Bad Bad, like their name suggests, have a fascination with 50s grease and teenage lawlessness. Pegged as "surf rock from hell", the local trio's songbook is certainly populated with chthonic monsters: werewolves, reapers, and demons all make appearances. Like a band lifted from the screen of a malt shop horror, Billy King is a carnival of fun, evoking a bygone era of rebellion, Marlon Brando, and beach parties."

"It's a rarity to see a band hit the ground running quite like Billy King and the Bad Bad Bad have in the past few months... Ominous drums, twanged guitars, and the otherworldly howl of Will Reynolds all coalesce to evoke a behemoth of a sound that is as sinister as it is hard-hitting. Reynold's impeccable vocals oscillate between a theatrical Screamin' Jay Hawkins and a Southern-styled Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother. Bonham-esque percussion from Marty Chronister serves as the backbone from which the surgical guitar-stylings of Cam Wren spring forth, comprising equal parts power chords and face-melting solos.
Frills and gimmicks are lacking as this trio smashes through a short but transcendent thread of songs that are now finally available on their debut EP Fever Dreamin'. The jittered punk diddy "Werewolf of Love" is an earworm of the highest order while "The Night Terror" slow-creeps into one the most cathartic choruses of recent memory. Billy King and the Bad Bad Bad don't need time to figure themselves out, they stand ready to unleash their hell fury unto us with wicked abandon, and you'd be a fool to deny their sacrament."
-The Austin Deli
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